How Samantha Boyd became SBSD

How did I arrive to where I am today?  I followed my dreams.

My dream at ten years old was to be a Ballerina, as I wished to dance for the rest of my life.
As a teenager, I danced daily and alongside my dance classes I also loved teaching as an assistant helper in the younger classes, this was a massive part of me.  Choreography and classical music inspired me daily and gave me the incentive to continue my dreams which lead to a scholarship to attend full time dance training at the prestigious Central School of Ballet, London.  
During training I had immense fun helping my fellow dancer’s breakdown steps and rebuild them to suit their individual style.   It was at this point I realised I was born to teach.  Therefore, I knew my dance journey was not just to become a principal dancer but also ultimately a passionate and dedicated teacher.
As the years passed I danced in many beautiful ballet studios and theatres, I knew then I would strive to have my very own dance school, where I could teach and train young dancers in an environment where they would feel inspired, respected and always happy.
My aim of renovating the studio premises was to be the person who solely made my dream happen with the support of family and friends. I hoped and still hope that this will encourage and inspire young dancers of today that if they wished to achieve anything in this world, with a little faith, a lot of determination and hard work, even though it can be tough at times, never give up as the end result can be so rewarding.
2017 was an exciting year as I opened the doors to SBSD.
Samantha Boyd School of Dance
I still have dreams

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