Focus on Demi-Pointe & Focus on Pointe

Ballet is the Foundation of Dance

Setting Standards in Classical Ballet

These Focus on Demi-Pointe and Focus on Pointe classes are taught by the Principal Miss Samantha.    

  • Focus on Demi-Pointe

  • Focus on Beginners Pointe

  • Focus on Pointe

  • Focus on Demi-Pointe - Adult

  • Focus on Beginners Pointe - Adult

  • Focus on Pointe - Adult

When the Principal feels a student is strong enough these Focus on Demi-Pointe classes are recommended.  Alongside these classes Body Conditioning will also be a requirement to prepare for going up onto Pointe.  Pointe work requires a tremendous strength of the legs and feet which is targeted in Body Conditioning.

After attending the Focus on Demi-Pointe and Body Conditioning classes and the Principal feels the student has the knowledge, strength, technique and alignment to meet the demands of going up on Pointe it will be at this time that Pointe Shoes will be recommended and the transition into Focus on Pointe Classes can be attended. 

Going up on Pointe is a massive achievement and a wonderful goal in a dancers life.


Focus on Demi-Pointe & Focus on Pointe Video

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18.35 pm - 19.05 pm          -          Focus on Pointe Senior



21.30 pm - 22.00 pm          -          Adult Focus on Pointe & Focus on Demi-Pointe



20.50 pm - 21.20 pm          -          Adult Focus on Pointe & Focus on Demi-Pointe



14.00 pm - 14.30 pm          -          Focus on Pointe & Beginners Pointe, Junior and Senior 
16.35 pm - 17.05 pm          -          Focus on Pointe Senior