Acrobatics & Gymnastics

Being a Gymnast is Having the Strength to Hold On, and the Courage to Let Go!!

IDTA Acrobatic Dance

Taking inspiration from gymnastic floor work and rhythmic gymnastics Acrobatic Dance incorporates acrobatic movement into elegant flowing routines requiring strength, flexibility and technique which is the three main focus areas in this discipline.


Gymnastics helps students to improve balance, co-ordination and confidence and at the same time refine their basic motor skills, develop strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Our gymnastic classes are exciting and fun and carried out in a caring, engaging and safe environment incorporating apparatus such as beams, bars, tumble track and vault to stimulate and challenge the gymnasts.

  • 3-5 years  -  Pre-School

  • 5+ years  -  Preparatory / KS1

  • 7+ years  -  KS2

  • 9+ years  -  Boys Gymnastics


Acrobatics & Gymnastics Video

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