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Ballet is the Foundation of Dance

Setting Standards in Classical Ballet


SBSD has a selection of Adult Ballet classes for all ages and abilities syllabus and non-syllabus based.  These calsses help adults gain an understanding of ballet steps and develop classical ballet technique whilst enjoying dance also improve muscle tone, flexibility, co-ordination and well-being.  There is also the opportunity to learn repertoire work from favourite classical ballets and the option to participate in examinations.


Tap classes at SBSD are non-syllabus for all abilities giving the opportunity to explore and understand the basic tap techniques and movements whilst mastering the classic moves.  Tap classes whilst learning rhythm also help to improve fitness, strength, stamina, control, co-ordination and confidence whilst helping with well-being.

Pilates (click to see Pilates Information)

SBSD is an all inclusive school and Adults are included in all aspects where possible.

  • 18+ years  -  Non-Syllabus Ballet

  • 18+ years  -  Grade 2 Ballet

  • 18+ years  -  Grade 4 Ballet 

  • 18+ years  -  Advanced 1 Ballet

  • 18+ years  -  Focus on Demi-Pointe

  • 18+ years  -  Focus on Beginners Pointe

  • 18+ years  -  Focus on Pointe

  • 18+ years  -  Character

  • 18+ years  -  Adult Tap

  • 18+ years  -  Adult Pilates 


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